Syrah Red
Vin de France

A classic southern French Syrah. Top barbecue wine, matching particularly well with chicken. "La Châsse Syrah is like diving in a bowl of cherries and the taste will stay with you all day." Brian Moore, The Sun


Veronique Torcolacci and her team of winemakers at Gabriel Meffre are very hands on in the vineyards and work closely with all growers to make sure the vines are in good condition and that harvesting begins at optimum ripeness. The grapes are de-stemmed and gently crushed. The resulting juice is fermented for between 2 and 3 weeks with daily pumping over of the skins to provide the intense, bright red colour that characerises the wine. Fermentation is strictly temperature controlled and when finished, 15% of the wine is aged for 6 months in oak before bottling.

Tasting Notes

The wine offers deliciously rounded black fruit character along with aromas of red berries, violets and pepper. The palate is nicely structured as well as being full of juicy fruit with a long cherry finish. It is a top barbecue wine and matches well with chicken.


"Taste the wine and you'll see what the people at Gabriel Meffre are getting at. It's spicy and peppery, toasty and nutty, ripe and supple."

The Independent

"Syrah, aka Shiraz, is prolific and ubiquitous. It can be appealing when young, like Gabriel Meffre’s blackberryish La Châsse Syrah"

Anthony Rose, The Independent


"Amazing! Stupendous! … with a heavy dose of Aussie chutzpah. It's one of those reds which can serve as a treat for summer barbecues (where wine snobs, tasting the wine, will nod sagely and take you up several notches in their estimation) or for candle-lit get-togethers of greater intimacy. It is, then, both a wine of vivacity, well suited to robust food and rowdy conversation, as it is a communion wine - that is to say one where subtler exchanges take place between two people who have things other than wine on their minds."

Malcolm Gluck, Superplonk


Silver medal

Silver / Argent