Where can I buy La Châsse wines?

Check our stockists section for details of shops in the UK where you can find selected La Châsse wines.

Can I buy La Châsse wines outside the UK?

Yes, please contact our export department for details of the international markets where our wines are available.

Can I buy La Châsse wines in restaurants and bars?

Most of our wine is sold in wine stores and supermarkets, but please contact our export department for more information.

How did La Châsse get its name?

It refers to a chest used to store the treasures of the Pontifs who lived in Avignon, on the banks of the River Rhône, during the 14th Century.

Why do some of your wines have screwcap closures rather than cork?

Our winemakers believe that for certain wines screwcaps provide the best seal and eliminate any “corked” and oxidation problems. Such closures guarantee a taint-free wine protecting the flavour and freshness created by the winemaker.

What is the correct serving temperature for La Châsse wines?

Whites and rosés should be chilled to about 11-12°C; they are best after about an hour in the refrigerator. We also suggest that you keep your reds in a cool dark place, so that their serving temperature is ideally between 16-17°C (slightly below room temperature).

Are Syrah and Shiraz the same grape varietal?

Yes, just different names for the same thing. Syrah is traditionally used in France, but we choose to label our wines Shiraz, because we think it is more familiar to people who enjoy wines from around the world.

Should I cellar La Châsse wines?

Our wines are sold ready to be enjoyed, but you can keep the whites for up to a year. Rosé wines are best drunk within 3 months of purchase. Our reds, especially the Côtes du Rhônes, will continue to improve for up to 3 or 4 years if stored carefully.

How many units of alcohol are in your wines?

Our wines are lighter in alcohol than many of those New World blockbusters! The Côtes du Rhône wines are generally 13%vol, which equates to 9.8 units per bottle and 1.6 per 125ml glass, while most of the Languedoc varietals are just a shade higher at 13.5%vol, or 10.1 units per bottle and 1.7 units per glass. These figures can vary from vintage to vintage, so please check the label. We advise you to drink responsibly and visit the Drinkaware website for the facts about alcohol.

Why are you linked with Le Creuset?

Le Creuset is the most iconic and finest cookware in the world, used by professionals and enthusiastic amateur cooks every day. As we are both proudly French brands with obvious wine and food connections, we are delighted to bring you exciting recipes from our friends at Le Creuset. We, in turn, have helped them with food matching suggestions on their fantastic Le Creuset website.